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You won’t be playing Halo Infinite cooperatively – this stinks!


Rescheduled release of Halo Infinite co-op mode

Three months after Halo Infinite’s release, the co-op mode is still missing from the game.

Season 2 was supposed to be released on May 3 to fix this, but developer 343 Industries has since admitted that’s no longer the plan for the game.


This is due to the “huge problems” of making Halo Infinite’s more open and nonlinear campaign mode operate online and split-screen on anything from the highest-end Xbox Series X consoles to the last-gen Xbox One consoles, according to the developer.

According to Halo Infinite’s Head of Creative Joseph Staten in the March 2022 update, “it’s going to take more time to deliver a high-quality, full-featured 4-player network co-op experience in the vast, wide-open Halo Infinite environment.”

There is no way for us to ship Campaign network co-op on May 3rd, which is the start of Season 2, he said. Campaign network co-op will be released later in Season 2, and a release date for it as well as split-screen co-op will be shared as soon as it is possible.


In the event that there are no further slips, that shouldn’t cause too much of a holdup. Since each season is projected to be roughly three months long except Season 1, which will be six months old when Season 2 comes around, we should still be able to play co-op before Season 3 kicks out in July.

Season 3 is when we may anticipate Forge mode to return. For now, we’re testing Forge with a limited number of community producers and working directly with them to make sure that all of you have a fantastic experience producing Forge content, sharing it, browsing it, and enjoying it. As we continue to improve Forge, we will continue to fly it privately while simultaneously preparing for public flights later this year.

The two key goals are “addressing important problems” and delivering Season 2, which has the fascinating subject of “lone wolves,” as Staten mentioned.


“Alone Wolf” Spartans are hunter-gatherers by nature. Trackers. With no supplies or help, they’re clever improvisers working deep in enemy territory. Spartans are known for their ferocity and solitary nature, yet they’re nonetheless devoted to the group. Two of them look like this:

Our “marketing and promotional effort come into high gear” next month, we’ll allegedly learn more.

This work has not interfered with Season 2 or Forge, as stated by Staten. So if you’re afraid that it’s slowed down co-op development, you may rest assured. source


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