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Xiaomi Smart Band 7: Everything we know so far


Last year, Xiaomi launched the Mi Smart Band 6, which had a bigger display as well as SpO2 monitoring, towards the end of March. In March, a thorough leak shows what the next model would look like. However, it’s worth noting that this information was gleaned from an early version of the band’s firmware (accessed in the Zepp app).

Let’s begin with the screen. One of the newer versions includes a 1.56″ pill-shaped display with 326 pixels per inch of resolution. One of the newer models, the Xiaomi Smart Band 7, will feature a resolution of 192 by 490 pixels. Note that the horizontal resolution is bigger, indicating a broader display, but the vertical resolution is almost same. Due to its “Retina resolution,” we anticipate the pixel density to stay unchanged.

There are always-on watch faces that display the time as well. In part because it drains the battery, AOD is one of the benefits of Xiaomi smartwatches over bands. A larger battery may be able to fit in a wider band, but it won’t be enough to compensate for the AOD consumption. Still, having the choice is a good thing.


In addition to the lack of GPS in the Xiaomi bands (some competitor bands do have it), current bands depend on your smartphone to get location data. GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou may all be supported by the Smart Band 7. A “possible support” now that the GPS-enabled Mi Band 5 Pro has been shelved. If version 7 has positioning, there will be a variety of options: There are two options: GPS and a second constellation (which is more precise but also consumes more energy) (less accurate, but needs less power).

When you return to the battery, you’ll find a few power-saving options that disable some functionality. The step counter and rudimentary sleep monitoring will continue to operate in the background in one of the settings. The Mi Smart Band 6 has a battery life of 15 days, and the 7 is expected to have the same battery life.

According to a leaked document, Apple’s Smart Alarm function waits until the wearer has fallen asleep before waking them up. Since its first inclusion, this function has been absent from all future iterations.


No mention of NFC; Xiaomi often sells it in a different band version as an optional extra (available in China and usually released globally as well). Source | Via

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