Xbox Game Pass is adopting a feature from Netflix


Every member of your household is about to get sucked in

Xbox Game Pass. Credit: Microsoft

By the end of the year, Xbox Game Pass will be available for up to five people to use with a single subscription, thanks to a new family plan Microsoft is developing.

Using the family plan, four people from separate houses may each have a membership to Xbox Game Pass, which works similarly to the premium tiers of Spotify and Netflix.


In comparison to purchasing five individual plans, the new group tier, according to “reliable sources familiar with Microsoft’s operations,” will cost substantially less. Microsoft’s existing Family Account system, which is part of Office 365, will also be utilised.

The pricing of the family plan has yet to be determined. Even if it’s just for Xbox, it’s not clear if the new tier will be accessible for lower-tiered PC and platform Game Passes as well.

The new concept has been in the works for a long time, but Microsoft has had to work out the nitty-gritty of royalties and payments for third-party publishers before it can go into effect.


Microsoft is expected to disclose the new strategy in the “next few months,” according to the article. Keep in mind that nothing has been officially verified till that point in time.

For a long time, Xbox gamers have been begging for a family-friendly Game Pass alternative. Group subscription tiers for Spotify and Netflix indicate that individual customers may save a large amount of money on their rolling contract payments by spreading the price of the service across numerous users for a substantial reduction.

In the end, service providers prefer family plans as a way to keep clients. Individuals who sign up for a group subscription are obligated to continue using and paying for the service as long as they are part of the group. If your friends and family are counting on you to maintain paying for a group membership, it might be far more difficult to break free of a solo subscription that falls solely on your shoulders.


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