Wikipedia stopped accepting cryptocurrencies over climate concerns


Following weeks of discussion, the Wikimedia Foundation has decided to discontinue accepting bitcoin contributions. Wikipedia’s backers started taking crypto payments in 2014, but environmentalists have lately called on them to discontinue the practise due to mounting concerns.

Source: Karolina Grabowska

Wikimedia, on the other hand, is unlikely to see much of a change as a result of this. There is fresh information claiming that in the past fiscal year, the non-profit got just $130,000 in crypto contributions, which is about 0.08 percent of its income.

Wikipedia has indicated it would keep an eye on the issue and may open the door for cryptocurrency once again in the future in a statement on its website.


The Wikimedia Foundation has made the decision to stop accepting bitcoin donations in this manner directly. In 2014, in response to demands from our volunteer and donor communities, we started accepting cryptocurrencies directly. This decision is based on input we’ve received recently from those very communities. Bitpay will no longer allow us to take bitcoin donations directly, hence we’ll no longer be able to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

We’ll keep an eye on this, and we appreciate everyone’s input and thoughtfulness on this subject as it develops throughout the Wikimedia community. Volunteers and funders may expect us to be flexible and attentive to their requirements.

Some argue that the energy necessary to power the whole system is too much to bear at a time when climate change is still an issue, making the role of crypto in the environment a heated subject. Some individuals aren’t delighted with this newest revelation, as you would anticipate, however the figures reveal that the number of people who donated using cryptocurrency was quite modest


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