WhatsApp major update rolling out now — all the new features


New and much-needed features have been added to WhatsApp in the last few days.

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As a result of these new features, WhatsApp is expected to become much better, and in some instances even more like its competitors. Emojis may now be used in messages, files up to 2GB can be sent, and larger group conversations can now be created.

The previous limit for a group chat was 256 users at a time, which was already a large amount. You’d best hope that no more than 512 individuals are using the newest version at the same time; else, it’s going to be a nightmare to keep up with.


It’s a good thing that file-sharing capacity has been expanded. In the past, the limit was simply 100MB, which isn’t much these days, particularly if you’re trying to send video. Despite the fact that 2GB may not seem like much, it gives you a lot more freedom when it comes to sharing data through WhatsApp.

When sharing huge files, particularly if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, the app may take some time to transfer a 2GB file. It, if you must utilise this new cap, do so sparingly or on your own personal Wi-Fi network. The good news is that WhatsApp will include a timer to indicate how long it will take to upload or download things.

By contrast, emoji responses aren’t that big of an issue. However, they are a feature that can be found on a variety of different sites, including Facebook. “Fun and quick, and they minimise the overload in groups, too,” WhatsApp said of its replies.


One-on-one discussion, emojis and reactions are almost indistinguishable. What about in a huge group? WhatsApp is correct: You don’t need up to 512 people sending emojis.

By touching and holding on the message, you may send a response. You will next be presented with six options: thumbs up, heart, tear laughing, horrified, and hands-together/praying. However, there is no particular timetable for when further content will be released.

WhatsApp said the functionalities are being rolled out “slowly,” having begun last week. WhatsApp expects everyone to have them by the end of the week if they don’t already.


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