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What the iPad Air 5 has to have in order for me to buy it is as follows


It is the iPad Air enhancements that will persuade me to upgrade, too

Even though I’m employed to remain up to speed with technology, I’ll be keeping a watch on the iPad Air 5 at the Apple Peek Performance event on March 8 since it might be the next device in my own collection.

Until now, I’ve been using an iPad 7 for my daily streaming, note-taking, and surfing requirements, but I’d want to upgrade to something more recent and powerful. Sure, a top-of-the-line 12.9-inch iPad Pro would be nice, but it’s not in the cards given the little funds I have.


Latte 2020’s latest iPad, the iPad Air 4, is now the best iPad “for the vast majority of consumers,” and I believe it meets my requirements. When the iPad Air first came out, I was tempted, but I didn’t think I needed a new iPad at the moment. I’m now in the appropriate spot to upgrade, but I’d want to see Apple make some important changes in the next year or two that will persuade me to switch to the iPad Air 5.

I’ve outlined my (fair) requests in the following paragraphs. For this iPad Air update, some have already been believed to be in the works, while others seem to be less likely to materialise. My pre-order for the next iPad Air could well be certain if Apple includes most of these features.

In the centre of attention are the front-facing Face ID cameras.

The new iPad Air (2020) has a full-screen display, similar to the iPad Pro. This is a good change. The front camera, on the other hand, remained mostly unaltered by the manufacturer, which was problematic for two reasons. For starters, this meant that the tablet would not be unlocked using Face ID. There is no Center Stage, which was first featured on the iPad Pro 2021 and eventually made its way to the iPad mini 6 and the iPad 9.


Both of these features would be fantastic additions to the upcoming iPad Air from Apple. This is wonderful news, however Face ID hasn’t been rumoured yet. Apple may see this function as being too “Pro” for this tablet. Even though Face ID would be a great feature to the iPad Air, the fingerprint sensor integrated into the power button is a reasonable location to put it.

A Bionic A15 processor

However, compared to other mobile processors, Apple’s A14 chipset is still strong enough. The A15 CPU in Apple’s new iPad, on the other hand, is what I’d rather have. Even if an old chip still functions well, it doesn’t seem fair to keep using it. As a result, I’ve been acclimated to the A15’s power from using my iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Refresh rate: 120 Hz ProMotion

I understand that this improvement is doubtful. As far as we know, there have been no speculations of a refresh rate increase for the new iPad Air, and Apple intends to save certain features for the iPad Pro.


Review of the Apple iPhone XS Max

A flat 60Hz rate just doesn’t do it for me any longer, especially since I’ve become used to 120Hz phones like the iPhone 13 Pro Max and others via my job evaluating them. This is the one function I’d want to see on the new iPad Air.

OLED displays

These days, OLED displays are the preferred choice for smartphones, including the iPhone. However, Apple has yet to implement it on an iPad. Even on the iPad Pro, mini-LED displays have been used. The iPad Air would benefit greatly from an OLED screen, with its enhanced brightness, battery efficiency, and superior colour reproduction. Mini-LED would also be an improvement above the LCD screen now in use.

The iPad Air was rumoured to have an OLED screen at one point, but fresh sources say that is no longer the case. In the event that is the case, it would be a tremendous pity.


The default storage is 128 GB.

Now that 128GB of internal storage is common on iPhones, Apple has finally conceded to market demand. Even still, Apple feels we don’t need as much storage capacity on our iPads as we do on our smartphones for some unknown reason.

If the other items in my wishlist come true, I wouldn’t be turned off by the prospect of another 64GB iPad Air. There should be a 128GB option, or a default of 128GB. If you don’t want to shell out an additional $150 for 256GB of storage, you can only get the iPad Air.

Speakers in quadruple configuration

Having strong speakers in a tablet is important to me since I often view videos or listen to music on my iPad without using headphones. There are various issues with the basic iPad’s stereo-firing speakers in terms of filling a space. There are rumours of a quad-speaker system on the iPad Pro and other high-end tablets that I’d really want to see on the Air with this next generation.


improved battery life

I’d like to believe that paying more for an iPad than I would for a basic model will result in better battery life. In contrast, the iPad Air 4’s battery life is now less than the iPad 9’s on our bespoke Tom’s Guide battery test. I’d gladly accept a little increase in iPad Air size in exchange for an increased battery capacity from Apple.

The future of the iPad Air 5 is bright.

For the iPad Air, there are a total of seven potential enhancements, some more essential than others. I’ll be watching the March 8 Apple event to see whether I need to start budgeting for a new tablet based on what Apple has to say. Source

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