What does the mysterious Stranger Things season 4 countdown clock mean?


What will the Netflix livestream of Stranger Things season 4 bring?

Image via Netflix

After the video went up, Netflix tweeted that the Stranger Things season 4 countdown looks to represent the time until we receive a new trailer.

Even while we wait for Stranger Things season 4 to premiere, Netflix is keeping track of the seconds, minutes, and hours it has left till… The official Stranger Things YouTube account has launched a new live stream, which you can watch here. And Netflix has just disclosed one of the perks we’ll get at the conclusion of the countdown (details below).


There is a digital clock at the top of a grandfather clock marked “IT’S ALMOST TIME | CREEL CLOCK LIVESTREAM” that is the centre of the live feed. The timer in the lower right corner matches the clock on this page.

Until tomorrow (Tuesday, April 12) at 10 a.m. ET/7:00 a.m. PST/3:30 BST, the countdown is on.

The Creel House, a creepy structure that has been extensively highlighted in the promotion of the new season, is likely to have this clock.


According to an official @Stranger Things (opens in new tab)Twitter account tweet, we know where this is happening: California’s Santa Monica is located at 274 Santa Monica Boulevard.

There is a faint purple tinge to the water, but you can still make out the billowing smoke from the clock’s back. The clock faces on the front of the clock are sometimes distorted by visual effects.

We’ve also seen guys in lab coats studying the clock, but we can’t make out their voices or see their insignia.


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Watch the Stranger Things webcast to find out.

Due to the impending release dates of Stranger Things season 4’s first and second volumes (on May 27 and July 1, respectively), a full trailer for the next season seems more and more plausible. It’s time for Netflix to hop on the “Stranger Things 4 final trailers” bandwagon. The episode names may also have been revealed at this point, which would have been a huge development. It isn’t like we don’t know.

The countdown looks to be for a trailer at the very least. It was recently announced on the Netflix Twitter account that the “Stranger Things 4 trailer tomorrow!” was going to be released.


Netflix, on the other hand, may be working on something quite different. For now, fresh video or teasers of the Creel House are all that’s needed to bring the countdown to an end.

However, the only way to know for sure what’s going to happen is with a final trailer.


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