weird to see Spotify’s Car Thing just got less useless


Despite its increasing use, Spotify’s bizarre automobile attachment remains bizarre.

Spotify’s Car Thing has the ability to do even more car things

With the latest version to its Car Thing auxiliary software, Spotify has added the ability to answer phone calls.

Vehicle Thing is an attachment for Spotify users who like to listen to their music and podcasts in the car rather than fiddling with their smartphones. However, it’s still a little weird and not quite as nice as utilising the CarPlay feature that is now standard on most new vehicles. For those who purchased Car Thing, there is excellent news: You may now answer phone calls and manage other media from your car’s dashboard!


“There’s always space to improve on something that’s already fantastic,” Spotify said in a Newsroom post. It doesn’t matter whether someone thinks the Car Thing is amazing or not; the new features are noteworthy because they represent significant improvements for drivers who already use the Car Thing.

According to Spotify, the following is the “whole scoop on all the new features”:

  • Incoming phone calls may now be seen, answered, and discarded through Car Thing.
  • Play and control other media*: The Car Thing gadget can now play and control other media. Using presets, voice commands, or a simple touch on the screen, you may quickly return to Spotify.
  • Add this item to the list of things to do: Additional music and podcast queueing is now available, one of our most requested features. There are many methods to get to it:
  • With a nudge: Select a music from your tracklist and then tap the “Add to queue” icon next to it.
  • Using the rotary dial, the following is what you’ll hear When a music is selected, hold down the play/pause/add-to-queue button while pushing and holding the dial.
  • Request a song by speaking to a microphone: It’s as simple as saying “Hey Spotify, play “Driver’s License” or any song you like!”
  • See what’s waiting for you: Press and hold the dial when in the “Now Playing” screen, then say “Hey Spotify, open my queue.”
  • You may create a playlist based on your current state of mind just by speaking into your phone. If you have a certain kind of music in mind, all you have to do is choose the genre, mood, or activity. Spotify will try its best to generate a tailored playlist based on your request, such as “Hey Spotify, play comfortable Sunday RnB.” Wherever “Hey Spotify” is available, this function is accessible.

Afraid of all those insignificant asterisks that appear next to the more eye-catching alterations? If you’re reading this, you’re presumably an iOS user, so don’t be alarmed by the stars on the features. However, if you’ve landed on this page while using an Android phone, you should be aware that certain functions are now unavailable.


If you have an existing Car Thing, you’ll soon be able to enjoy new features. For the rest of us, a brand-new car whatsit from Spotify can be ours for for $90 right now.

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