watchOS 9 — everything we know about Apple Watch so far


In 2022, we’d want to see these additional features on the watchOS 9 Apple Watch.

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If rumours are correct, watchOS 9 will be the name of the upcoming Apple Watch 8 software upgrade. Despite the fact that we don’t know much about watchOS 9, we may extrapolate from the past to make educated assumptions regarding its release date and compatibility.

With all of the finest Apple Watch models eligible for watchOS 9, it’s time to start making a wish list of the features we’d want to see. WatchOS 8 boosted Apple’s mental health efforts with the Mindfulness app and finally supported multiple timers, but there is more we hope the wristwatch will have to offer this year.


Every year at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple demonstrates the progress of its next watchOS version. WatchOS 9 and iOS 16 are expected to be previewed at WWDC 2022, which is officially taking place on June 6th. New software for the finest MacBooks is also expected to be shown off.

In addition to the additions we’d want to see in watchOS 9, here’s what we know so far and what it implies for existing Apple Watch owners.

A likely release date for watchOS 9 and a beta version

WatchOS 9’s release date has not been officially revealed, although it is expected to be unveiled on June 6th (unless Apple throws us a curveball.) New watchOS versions are announced together with Apple’s new smartwatch, which is normally in the autumn. At that time, the specific release date is announced.


Public and developer beta testing of watchOS 9 is anticipated before the final version is released. The public version normally comes out in the middle of summer, around a month after the development version is released. The first public beta version of watchOS 8 was released on July 1, 2021, as a reminder.

support for watchOS 9

We don’t yet know if all of Apple’s existing Apple Watch devices will be compatible with watchOS 9. WatchOS 9 is almost certainly coming to the Apple Watch 7 and Watch SE. Even though the four-year-old wristwatch is still being marketed by Apple, we aren’t sure about its compatibility. Rumors are circulating that the Apple Watch 3 will be phased out in 2022.

Additionally, watchOS 9 should be available for the Apple Watch 4, the Apple Watch 5, and the Apple Watch 6. As always, the latest watchOS will be available for free download. Updates to Apple software are free.


What we’re hoping for with watchOS 9

With the latest watchOS 9 software, if you already know how to operate the Apple Watch, you shouldn’t notice any difference. What can we anticipate from the new watchOS 9 features? If Apple’s previous updates are any indicator, we may expect some new health and fitness features in the near future.

We’ll probably see further integrations with HomeKit, Apple Wallet, and Apple Fitness Plus on the Apple Watch in the near future. Apple Watch users may get a new native app with the release of watchOS 9.

When it comes to missing apps, the Health app is by far the most notable. Using the Health app on your iPhone, you can monitor everything from how well you sleep to how much exercise you do each day. It would make sense to have a comparable dashboard on your wrist, as a large portion of this data is collected via your Apple Watch. It’s already possible to view all of your sleep, heart rate, and activity data in different applications. Why not integrate them into a single location?


The Notes app would be a welcome addition to the Apple Watch alongside the Health app. Apple Watch Notes should be able to sync with the Notes app on your iPhone through iCloud. To-do lists, shopping lists, and creative ideas may all be jotted down in a Notes app instead of on your iPhone when you need to recall what you bought. In the same way, you could access your iPhone notes from your wrist. For note-taking, you can utilise one of the top Apple Watch applications, although a native version would be ideal because the Apple Watch 7 features a QWERTY keyboard.

The inclusion of a full QWERTY keyboard to additional Apple Watch models is one of the most significant differences between the Apple Watch 7 and the Apple Watch 6. When it comes to sending texts, the keyboard is great (far better than Scribble), but it’s only available on the latest Apple Watch 7 models. If the keyboard can be added to previous Apple Watch models, more people would be able to enjoy the convenience of typing on their wrists.

For those moments when your body just needs a break, recovery solutions such as the Apple Watch rings can help. We want the Apple Watch to be able to give you a day off without jeopardising your streaks, possibly based on your sleep data or some other health parameter. ” Working out isn’t complete without taking a break.


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