Watch Series 8 may come with body temperature measurement if Apple gets the algorithm right


Body temperature measurement was anticipated for the Apple Watch Series 8, which is scheduled in Q3 2022, but an earlier source indicated that Apple Watch with a body temperature sensor would not appear for at least another year. Nevertheless, famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that a Watch Series 8 equipped with a thermometer would be available as early as the second half of 2022.

For last year’s Watch Series 7, the body temperature measuring algorithm failed to meet EVT requirements, according to Kuo (engineering validation test).

Because a wristwatch lacks the necessary circuitry to monitor core temperature, it must rely on skin temperature, which may rapidly fluctuate in response to environmental factors.


This means that the smartwatch will include body temperature measurement if the algorithm fulfils Apple’s quality criteria before mass production starts on the Watch Series 8, else we’ll have to wait longer for an Apple Watch that can sense body temperature.

The researcher said that Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 may not be able to accurately monitor body temperature because of algorithm constraints.


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