Vasco, Starfield’s robot could be the antidote to Skyrim’s boring companions


Bethesda’s new universe might benefit greatly from the addition of Starfield’s robot sidekick.

Starfield presents its first companion in a new video
(Image credit: Bethesda)

Bethesda has published a behind-the-scenes film showcasing a robot dubbed Vasco, which will be used in Starfield.

This bipedal robot appears to be a type of companion character for Starfield gamers as they explore the sci-fi realms beyond humanity’s solar system. And I’m hoping he’ll be a remedy for Skyrim’s otherwise fantastic cast of bland and two-dimensional sidekicks. Looking at Lydia, who displays a little sneer when requested to carry stuff.


At first impression, Vasco resembles a terrifying robot from Aliens or The Expanse, yet he’s actually a human being. In contrast, Starfield’s principal artist Istvan Pely says that the robot will be seen by players as a “trusted buddy” and as a “gentle” machine. Vasco, on the other hand, appears to be able to protect itself, so you can anticipate the robot to kick some alien ass if necessary.

As a “utilitarian, hefty industrial machine well-suited to the rigours of space flight,” Vasco appears to be more of a handy machine than a robot with a C-3PO or R2-D2 degree of personality. Pely, on the other hand, stated that Vasco has become a “favourite buddy in the game” for the Starfield development team. Those facts lead me to believe the robot is hiding something.

Vasco’s worn appearance suggests that the robot has gone through a lot of hardships. Erroneous code may have given the robot personality and some stories, which the player will discover over the course of what is likely to be a lengthy game. This is not surprising.


As with past Elder Scrolls games, I’m hoping Bethesda does some work on the characters and plot of Starfield. Despite the fact that Skyrim’s landscape is engrossing to explore, the primary plot seemed a bit stale. The companions, on the other hand, had the personality of wet paper.

As with earlier Starfield tidbits, this one has ratcheted up my excitement for the game even further. And I hope that Bethesda shows off some decent Starfield gameplay before long. If Microsoft and its Xbox subsidiary are involved, I’d want to see a major summer display.


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