Use this genius trick to eject water from an iPhone


There is no need for rice. Here’s how to use Siri Shortcuts to remove water from an iPhone.

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You may believe it’s unnecessary to know how to remove water from an iPhone. You don’t have to be concerned if your Apple iPhone is accidentally submerged in water, as many of the top phones of the last several years are water resistant. Moisture may remain in locations like your phone’s speakers even if you don’t drop your phone in water.

Fortunately, the iPhone’s speakers can be quickly and easily dried by using the built-in feature. In fact, all you’ll truly need is a third-party shortcuts app through Apple.


The Water Eject shortcut plays a sound that causes your iPhone’s speakers to vibrate, causing water to be ejected. Although the IP68 designation on the latest iPhone 13 models implies your phone can survive water up to 6 metres for 30 minutes, you’ll still need to clean out your iPhone after a dip. In addition, it is difficult to remove moisture from the iPhone’s numerous ports. To put it another way, this shortcut increases the likelihood of surviving a dunk, drop, or dive.

For this, you simply need the Shortcuts app, which is already pre-installed on modern iPhones (if it isn’t on your phone for some reason, you can get it from the App Store).

Here’s how to set up a shortcut that removes water from your iPhone after you have Shortcuts up and running.

Siri Shortcuts may be used to evacuate water from an iPhone.


Go to the Shortcuts Gallery on your iPhone’s browser and download the Water Eject shortcut by clicking Get Shortcut and then Add Shortcut.

The Water Eject shortcut will be added to the list of available shortcuts in the app.

There are three methods to use the shortcut from this point on.



Using the Shortcuts app is the most straightforward approach to enable the Water Eject shortcut.

When you first open the Shortcut app, choose the Water Eject shortcut. Tap Start Water Ejection in the pop-up option that opens.

There will be a ringing sound for around 15 seconds. Pop-up messages will display at the conclusion of the process to inform you that the water has been evacuated from your speaker.


Siri voice command to activate the water jets is provided below.

The shortcut may be activated with the sound of your voice instead than opening Shortcuts and searching for the Water Eject shortcut.

Apple’s Siri digital assistant will bring up the Water Eject option if you’ve activated the feature on your iPhone. Begin water ejection by pressing the Begin button.



The Water Eject shortcut may be placed on your home screen for quick access if you’re prone to dropping your phone in water.

You may do this by pressing and holding down the three horizontal bars on the Water Eject shortcut’s top right corner.

Select Add to Home Page under the Details tab and confirm by clicking Add on the next screen.


Now you may see the Water Eject shortcut on your desktop. You may change the location of the shortcut on your iPhone’s home screen by editing its settings.

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