US, Samsung giving $100 immediate credit for renewed Galaxy S21


If you don’t want to purchase a new phone, you may save 121 pounds of CO2 emissions by reusing an old one instead of purchasing a new one on Friday. This does not have to be a beat-up, smashed-up phone, by the way.

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In the United States, pre-ordering a refurbished Galaxy S21 from Samsung’s official shop nets you a $100 credit immediately after payment is received. Samsung’s Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra are all priced at $1,000. It is possible to use the $100 credit at checkout to buy additional accessories for the phone and other Samsung devices.

You may get up to $675 in credit for trading in an outdated gadget (you can send in a phone with a cracked screen as well). In exchange for a trade-in, the S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra may all be lowered to $225, $325, and $325, respectively (as the maximum trade-in credit is higher). By April 29, if you place your purchase now, it should be at your doorstep. On April 22, the agreement is over.


In the event that you’re wondering what happens to the phones that are turned in, they may either be repaired or recycled (Samsung is an e-Stewards Enterprise Partner, more on that here).

In any case, Samsung itself has restored these Galaxy S21 phones to like-new condition. Authentic replacement components and a new battery are included in this deal (where necessary). The old owner’s IMEI is removed, and the phone is given a whole new one. Refurbished phones come with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

You may utilise the Try Now, Pay Later programme if you’re unsure whether or not you’ll be happy with a reconditioned phone. You don’t have to pay anything up advance, and you have up to 21 days to decide whether or not you want to keep the phone (Samsung will cover the shipping costs).


You may also take advantage of 0% APR financing for between 12 and 48 months if you don’t have the money at the time of purchase. An upgraded Galaxy S21 costs $18.76 a month with a 36-month contract, for example.

One additional note: Certified Refurbished variants of the Galaxy S20 and S10 are also available, but they don’t get the $100 credit.


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