Unlike Apple Pay, Hitachi’s fingerprint payment technology


Putting a finger on the reader is all that is needed to identify and collect the user’s credit card number or other personal information, such as their age and immunisation records.

image credits: apple

When it comes to paying for products and services, a new finger vein-based biometric verification method might one day replace your smartphone.

According to Nikkei Asia, Hitachi has created a finger-based payment system:


If you don’t have a credit or debit card or a smartphone, you may check into a hotel or pay for goods without using them, according to Nikkei.

Terminals can identify users simply by putting their finger over a scanner and retrieving data such as credit card details for purchase or age or vaccination records, indicating the technology may potentially be used to verify age and facilitate travel, as stated in the article.

There will be no need for shoppers to bring a credit card or a smartphone for shopping, according to the article, since the new technology will speed up transactions such as check-ins and purposes. This financial year, the service is expected to be available to hotels and stores, and customers will be required to register their finger vein and other personal information in order to utilise it.


At least 40 seconds may be shaved off transaction times when the technology is activated, according to reports. “Loyalty points, food allergies, professional credentials, and proof of age, and make numerous transactions include purchasing alcohol or applying for a job more easier” are only some of the uses beyond the direct use of paying for products mentioned.

According to the article, Hitachi will not have access to any of the personal data stored on the blockchain, which will serve as a record of all data retrievals.

Apple Pay, which does not need any hardware on the part of the user, may become obsolete in the payment system of the future. It’s no secret that Apple Pay is one of the coolest iPhone features on devices like the iPhone 13, allowing for safe and secure purchases at merchants and even between devices due to Tap to Pay in iOS 15.


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