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Ukraine UNICEF donation buttons added to News app and


When it comes to donating to Ukraine, Apple is making it simpler than ever before.

To support individuals impacted by the turmoil in Ukraine, Apple has displayed a banner on its website and within the News app to encourage visitors to give to UNICEF.

People may give to the cause by using the Apple News app on their iPhone or iPad, and Apple also has a donation button at the top of its website. You may make a payment by clicking on it and entering your credit card information in the Music or iTunes app.


Apple has said that it would donate the whole amount to UNICEF in order to assist families who have been impacted by the turmoil in Ukraine as a result of Russia’s incursion.

Apple will donate 100% of your donation to UNICEF USA in support of families impacted by the situation in Ukraine when you choose the amount you want to donate and click Donate.

Apple has also stopped selling its products in Russia and Ukraine due to the current political climate. As a result, Sputnik and RT have been pulled from the App Store in the United States and other countries, although they may still be downloaded via the Russian version of the store.


According to a memo from Apple CEO Tim Cook, the business would also match contributions made by its workers to support Ukraine at a 2:1 ratio. Source

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