U.S. teens’ devotion to Apple is revealed in a new poll


More than 87 percent of kids possess an iPhone and 87 percent expect an iPhone to be their next mobile device; 72 percent of teens currently own AirPods.’

According to Piper Sandler’s semiannual teen’s poll, 9 out of 10 American adolescents possess an iPhone and have no plans to switch devices in the near future.

Youth from all around the United States were interviewed by Piper Sandler in her 43rd twice-yearly study of 7,100 U.S. teens, which revealed the astounding dedication of teens to the Apple brand. According to a poll:


Eighty-seven percent of kids now possess an iPhone, and another eighty-seven percent want to get one in the near future. AirPods are already owned by 72 percent of teenagers.

Apple’s best iPhones, like the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13, have become so popular among teens that there appears to be little difference between those who already own an iPhone and those who plan to keep purchasing them, highlighting just how difficult it is for some to break away from Apple’s ecosystem. For those who own an iPhone and prefer wireless earphones, Apple’s AirPods have proven to be a huge success.

Teenagers, according to the results of the poll, watch 30 percent of the videos they watch each day on Netflix and a further 30 percent on YouTube. For the first time, TikTok surpassed Snapchat as the most popular social media network, capturing 33% of the market share. After Facebook and Twitter, Instagram took third with a 22% share of the market.


Because so many teenagers use iPhones, it’s no surprise that Apple Pay is the most popular payment app. Despite the fact that 26% of youth reported owning a virtual reality gadget, just 5% of them admitted to using it on a daily basis. It was found that 48 percent of youths were either unsure or disinterested in the Metaverse.

UPDATE TIME: MacOS Monterey 12.4 has been launched in its first public beta.


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