Twitter tipped to launch edit button soon in next update


For the last year, Twitter says it has been working on an edit function that will be tested with Twitter Blue users in the coming months.

On Twitter’s app, users now see a “Edit Tweet” option when they click on the details button of a tweet. This option joins the ones for deleting a tweet, pinning it to their profile, changing who can reply, and adding or removing people from lists already present.

As of now, there is no information on how the edit button works, how long tweets may be modified, or if there are version histories, but Twitter plans to give such information at a later date.

On April Fools’ Day last week, Twitter made a joke about working on an edit button. It was announced that a “edit button” was being developed by Facebook. Given the date and the fact that users have been begging for an edit button for years, most people didn’t take the news seriously. But today, on Twitter, it was verified that the edit button is in fact being developed.

Twitter Blue subscribers will be the first to try out the edit tool. Twitter Blue is a subscription service that costs $3 a month and offers early access to new features, as well as a host of additional benefits. To find out “what works, what doesn’t and what’s conceivable,” Twitter will begin testing shortly. source


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