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Twitter Spaces testing new audio clips tool for iOS


Is this coming to Android as well? We’ll let you know when it does!

Source: Twitter

You may now share clips of your recorded Spaces with your followers on Twitter.

On Friday, Spaces made the feature official.


Have you ever wished you could freeze time in outer space? It’s perfect for our clipping tests!

It’s now possible for iOS hosts to share 30 seconds of audio from recorded Spaces, and snippets will be available to all iOS users in the Timeline (coming to Android and web shortly)

With the new functionality, hosts of spaces may now share 30 seconds of audio from a recorded place on Twitter’s timeline for everyone to hear. It is probable that the functionality will be tested on Android and the web as well.

The clips button is located at the bottom of the Spaces interface. Creating a clip and adding a caption and a “Listen Live” button to the timeline is as simple as clicking “Create Clip.” If you want to attract more listeners, it seems that you may post real-time footage while your Space is going on.

Continued investment in Twitter’s Spaces has made it one of the top iPhone applications for social media When the Super Follows function was announced in January, it revealed that it will allow users to pay for privileged access to certain accounts’ material.


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