Twitter confirms Edit button option is under development and coming soon


In the wake of Elon Musk acquiring 9.2 percent of Twitter, the company’s new top shareholder asked its followers if they wanted an Edit button. 73.6 percent of those that cast ballots said “yse,” indicating their support for the feature’s inclusion.

Twitter tipped to launch edit button soon in next update

According to a corporate spokesperson, the Edit function has been in development since 2021, and testing is expected to begin in the “coming months”.

On April 1, Twitter disclosed that it was working on an Edit button, but the calendar date made everyone sceptical. The “Edit Tweet” button will be located in the triple-dot menu, next to the “Add/Remove from Lists” option.

As the head of consumer goods, Jay Sullivan, stated it was the most desired feature for many years. According to the team’s leader, it will take some time before “altering the record of the public debate” can be achieved.

Twitter Blue premium members will be the first to try out the beta functionality. Regular users will be able to give comments on “what works, what doesn’t, and what is conceivable” once enough feedback has been collected. Source


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