Tim Cook claims iPhone purchasers increased last quarter


Tim Cook wants the world to know that Android users are making the jump to iOS.

It seems that Apple is attracting a growing number of Android users to its platform.

CEO Tim Cook talked with Steve Kovach of CNBC to discuss Apple’s second-quarter results for 2022. iPhone sales climbed by more over five percent in Q2 2022, which indicates that the iPhone 13 range is doing well.


The iPhone, according to Cook, is not only doing well, but it is also witnessing “strong double-digit” growth among both iPhone users who are upgrading and Android users who are transferring over.

This quarter we saw a record number of upgrades as well as substantial double-digit growth in switchers,” Cook told CNBC’s Steve Kovach.

Apple’s premium smartphone sector, according to one report, may be immune to worries about eroding customer trust. Despite the fact that the new iPhones were released earlier in 2021, sales increased still.


Cook remarked, “It’s certainly a robust cycle.”

An rise of 9% and a record quarterly sales total of $97.3 billion were achieved by Apple in the second quarter of 2022, bringing the total to $97.3 billion.


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