Three Google Pixel Watches get Bluetooth approval


The Google Pixel Watch has made news recently when a device went lost from a Chicago bar earlier this month was discovered by an unknown individual (not an original scenario in the tech world). Live photographs of the undisclosed smartwatch prototype, which has a circular display with rounded corners, were made available to us.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has approved three new models for Google LLC, designated as “BT Wearable Design-Controller Subsystem.” The models are GWT9R, GBZ4S, and GQF4C. It is speculated that this certification will apply to the three different models of the future Google Pixel Watch that will be released.

If these models are various varieties of the same item, it is unclear if the variances are due to differences in size, availability in different regions, or connection capabilities such as compatibility for cellular data transmission.


It is expected that the FCC certification will be issued in the near future, and that it will include additional details regarding the Google Pixel Watch. This year’s Google I/O conference will begin in a few of weeks, and we may hear anything about the company’s new wristwatch, even if it is only a teaser hinting to a debut later in the year.

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