This irritating Xbox Series X problem has finally been solved


For Xbox Series X and Series S, the unusual loading issue that occurs when a game requires an update will be resolved.

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Do not fret if you’ve experienced the aggravating situation of an Xbox Series X game not launching correctly when it needs to be updated. Microsoft is working on a remedy.

An difficulty with the current system is that if a game requires an update, it may force users to return to the Xbox dashboard in order to notify them of the need for an update, which can take anywhere from 15 seconds to numerous relaunches. This may lead to confusion for gamers and console owners alike.


To counter this claim, Microsoft engineer Eden Marie noted that Xbox Alpha and Beta Skip Ahead Insiders would soon have access to a dialogue screen that will inform them whether or not a game “needs an update” and provide a rough estimate of how big the download will be in seconds.

As a result, we should anticipate a complete upgrade to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in the near future to include this feature.

Even while it may appear little, strange loading issues with Xbox One’s newer consoles may be quite inconvenient. This has happened to me before while loading games, particularly if the Xbox is also upgrading other titles. It’s possible that my poor internet connection is to cause for this.


Though the PS5 and PS4 have the same core CPU and graphics architecture, I have yet to experience this issue on the latter. Though it loads games quickly, the PS5 lacks the fantastic Quick Resume function of the Xbox, which allows you to have many games in a suspended state. The peculiarity of having to wait for a game update to load is possibly the price of Quick Resume.

We can only hope that additional upgrades for the current generation of Xbox systems will allow developers to get more out of them, especially when games like Starfield are released later this year.


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