This fantastic new Netflix programme just made the top 10


New Netflix quiz series caters to those with no prior knowledge.

Traditional game shows would penalise contestants if they didn’t know the answer, but on Netflix’s new quiz programme Bullsh*t the Game Show, that is not the case.

Contestants compete for a million dollars in this unexpectedly entertaining riff on a classic game show. So far, everything is going according to plan. The twist, on the other hand, is when they don’t have a response.


As opposed to guessing and hoping for the best, contestants in Bullsh*t have the opportunity to persuade a panel of three judges they know what they’re talking about instead. Even if their response is absolutely incorrect, they will be allowed to go on to the following question if they can persuade one of the judges.

It is inevitable that contestants will attempt to fool the panel into believing they are experts in global history or that they know the nicknames Thomas Edison gave to his two eldest children. Although the show’s idea is basic, its appeal is immediate. Since it was released less than a week ago, it has already climbed to the top of Netflix’s most-watched list.

When it comes to Bullsh*t, the Game Show, contestants boldly defend their knowledge of esoteric topics in ludicrous ways. However, the show’s genuine strength lies in how wholesome it is. For a programme with a swear word in its name, this quiz show doesn’t have a cruel bone in its body.


Howie Mandel, a seasoned host, takes the reins and does an excellent job of keeping the mood upbeat rather than pessimistic. Almost all of the listed competitions are winners as well. There’s a comradery between the panel and the contender in the hot seat despite the fact that they’re competing against one other. It’s refreshing to witness a trash-talking programme that’s so pleasant.

For Netflix, this is hardly a new venture into game shows, but it does look to be its most successful thus yet. Sing On! and Awake the Million Dollar Game didn’t quite strike the target for past attempts, but Bulls*t the Game Show seems to have found a receptive audience. Don’t be shocked if Netflix orders a second season of the programme in the wake of its first success with the first 10 episodes.


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