The Wilds season 2 How to watch: Release date and time


As the children of another island emerge, we return to The Wilds’ island.

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Watch The Wilds season 2 online with Prime Video to explore how the cliffhanger at the conclusion of season 1 translates into a second season.. Because, spoiler warning, there was a major surprise in store for them.

Season 2 of The Wilds, which debuted this week, was preceded by the announcement that an island full of lads was also under observation. That means we’ll have a whole aircraft full of “Adams” for the girls to get to know.


That being said, the show’s emotional traumas are of equal or more importance than the abduction and mystery storyline. Because of this, we’re more interested in how Leah (Sarah Pidgeon) will manage her knowledge of Nora’s (Helen Howard) inconsistencies, and how the shark attack aftermath will play out.


The Wilds season 2 debuts on Friday (May 6) on Amazon Prime Video.
All eight episodes will debut together on Prime Video. 

Gretchen Klein (Rachel Griffiths), the scientist behind the falsehoods, is also under scrutiny. We’re intrigued to see how the boys’ island fits into her plans to show that a matriarchal society is preferable to the male-dominated one prevalent in Western culture (in terms of efficiency and violence).


Perhaps more will be revealed in the upcoming season, since the disclosure of the boys island hints that the camera may have more zooming-out to perform. All the information you need to know about how to watch season 2 of The Wilds online is right here. The trailer is also available:

What is the best way to watch season 2 of The Wilds in the United States?

Season 2 of The Wilds will premiere on Amazon Prime Video in the United States on Friday, May 6.

The first eight episodes of the season will all air at the same time.


How to watch season 2 of The Wilds from any location in the world

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