The Warzone Season 3 Xbox Live bug is being fixed


To play the game, you don’t need Xbox Live Gold.

(Image credit: Activision)

After the third season of Call of Duty Warzone’s DLC was released, some players were unable to get into the game. Raven Software has confirmed that it is investigating an issue in the game.

The launch of Warzone Season 3 has apparently left some Xbox gamers unable to connect into the game without a valid Xbox Live Gold subscription. An error message informs customers that they are unable to participate in a multiplayer game without an active Xbox Live membership when they attempt to join one.


Call to Duty, like other Xbox Live Gold-free titles, formerly didn’t need players to have an active subscription to participate in multiplayer.

Raven Software, the game’s creator, has publicly recognised the problem with Warzone Season 3. Warzone is presently not functioning for Silver subscribers on Xbox Live, the developer said through Twitter, pointing to a post on its public Trello board that lists all the problems it’s currently attempting to fix.

If you don’t want to pay for a paid membership to Xbox Live, you may use Xbox Live Silver, which is frequently referred to as Xbox Live Free. Those Xbox Live Silver users who are unable to play Warzone because their profiles cannot connect to the Xbox Live network are most likely the victims of this bug.


However, Raven hasn’t stated a timeframe for when the glitch will be fixed, which is a positive indicator that the developers are actively working on the problem.

Weapon nerfs

The launch of Warzone Season 3 has also brought to light a few additional difficulties. The Legendary Ancestral Spirit Daniel Skin will cause players’ “vision to be blurred in-game,” according to Raven’s Trello board. Due to an unspecified problem, contracts have been temporarily disallowed for solitary players.

The free-to-play battle royale has undergone significant alterations as a result of the upgrade. The most notable of them is a reduction in the lethality of sniper rifles. Previously, sniper rifles could one-shot almost any target within 90 metres, but that distance has been lowered to 90 metres for many models, and for others, it has been eliminated altogether. It’s Raven’s opinion that the nerf was implemented in order to give the weapons some variety.


According to the developer, “Snipers may now exploit damage ranges as a distinguishing attribute of their one-shot potential.” There are a number of advantages to this, including giving each weapon its own distinct personality and making it easier to one-shot at longer range.

In the end, “our ultimate objective is to allow a larger diversity of viable playstyles and truly push the capabilities of each weapon.”


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