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The Batman 2: Everything we know so far


What can we expect for Pattinson’s Batman in the sequel?

That Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson’s version on the Caped Crusader will be revisited in a sequel is fantastic news for everyone who left The Batman thinking three hours simply wasn’t enough. All Warner Bros. Pictures has said so far is that this newest Batman remake will have a sequel.

Matt Reeves and the actors, though, have been talking about the future of The Bat like they know something that we don’t. Possibly one of The Riddler’s codes has been cracked by this team.


What we do know about The Batman 2 so far has come from a variety of sources, so let’s break it down. Why don’t you join us in our bat-cave? Also, consider this your official spoiler alert.

Rumors about a Batman 2 release date window

There is no need to decipher The Riddler’s cryptic riddles to realise that The Batman 2 is going to be a while away. Brandon Davis of spoke with Dylan Clark, producer of The Batman, who had some unpleasant news to share.

I can go on record and declare that it will be less than five years,” Clark added.


That’s excellent news for some, but we think it’s a long time to wait for anything like this.

Were you hoping for more specifics? In other words, that’s the whole idea. Clark told Comic Book Movie that the crew is “very focused on getting this movie viewed on the big screen by as many people across the world, and they’ll hopefully all shout very loudly that they want more” that all the sequel chatter is “a little bit early” for the team.

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The Batman 2 villains and characters rumours

There’s a significant chance that Nightwing, who operates out of Bludhaven, will make an appearance in The Batman 2, if Selina Kyle ends up there. How would Reeves do this? We don’t know for sure.

However, there are situations when rumours are confirmed by those who know. For Batman 2, Robert Pattinson said in an interview with Vanity Fair that he was considering portraying one of Batman’s most formidable foes who has yet to appear in a film. When Scott Snyder started writing Batman comics in 2011, he introduced the Court of Owls, a group of villains who first appeared in the comics in 2011.

What Robert Pattinson stated, and Paul Dano’s response:


Pattinson: “I was definitely kind of thinking Court of Owls is probably gonna be in the sequel.”

Dano: “Oooh, don’t say it.”

Pattinson: “It definitely seems like— I mean, I am literally just guessing, I just keep saying it.”


Dano: “Court of Owls would be dope. Good thing it’s not in this film.”

Kravitz: “Or is it?”

Dano: “Or is it?”


If you don’t already know, the Court of Owls were a secretive criminal syndicate that had a strong connection to Gotham.

In addition, director Matt Reeves has his own preferences to consider. In an interview with Collider, Reeves said that he would want to make his own version of Mr. Freeze “In my opinion, I’m just driven to finding the most realistic representation of any given situation. So it would be an intriguing task for me to attempt to figure out how something like Mr. Freeze might happen. I believe there is a more grounded version of that narrative that might be strong and fantastic..”

Additionally, the movie’s interactive gaming site, has hinted that the comics villain Hush may make a cameo. In order to check this, we cannot play the game.


What do we know about this movie’s cast?

Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne, Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon, Andy Serkis’ Alfred, Zoe Kravitz’s Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Colin Farrell’s Penguin, and Paul Dano’s Edward Nashton/The Riddler are all part of the current cast of The Batman 2.

Bella Reál’s new mayor, Jayme Lawson, is expected to return.

What other options do you have? As for the joker, we believe we’ve figured it out.

Matt Reeves revealed to IGN that Barry Keoghan was the inmate who shared a cell with The Riddler in Gotham City. We’re all expected to believe that the prisoner who says, “One day you’re on top, the next you’re a clown,” is in reality the Joker.


What we want from The Batman 2

Batman against The Riddler, The Penguin, and The Joker appears to be all set up. This Hush myth and Reeves’ fascination in Mr. Freeze both come into play. However, we’d want to see The Batman 2 include a character not named above: the Joker. Pamela Isley, the real Poison Ivy.

In part, this is due to the fact that The Batman was a film with a disproportionately masculine cast. Catwoman was the only lady in Gotham who had time to talk.

As far as we can tell, Reeves is adopting a grounded, realistic interpretation of the good doctor in these films. Additionally, Ivy might play a role in Catwoman and Batman’s sex game.


Zo Kravitz told Pedestrian that she has understood Kyle as bisexual, and that’s not the only reason. According to Kravitz, Anika and Kyle had a “romantic connection” that she was aware of. Source

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