Tehran season 2 How to watch right now online: release date and time


Watch Tehran season 2 on Apple TV Plus with these handy guides.

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On Apple TV Plus, it’s nearly time for the second season of Tehran, and Tamar just received the aid she needed. After Tamar Rabinyan (Niv Sultan), a Mossad spy and hacker, failed to destroy Iran’s nuclear reactor in season one, a new ally has come to assist her in her retry.

In the first season of Tehran, double-crossing plot twists and covert operation exposes had viewers guessing and on their toes. When it was revealed that the Iranians had been playing a ruse the entire time, the situation descended into anarchy.


In light of this, it seems all too probable that season 2 will continue up just where season 1 left off, with Israeli pilots getting shot down and Tamar and her buddy Milad on the run. Yael’s confession that she was working against Tamar (albeit Yael isn’t around anymore, given that Faraz has taken her out) certainly hasn’t really sunk in for Tamar.

Marjan Montazeri (Glenn Close), her new friend, has come to her rescue after the events of season 1. She hopes she can trust her. Marjan may be a double-agent, if she isn’t already one.

Season 1 of Tehran has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 94%, so perhaps season 2 will have a similar score. To watch Tehran season 2 online, here’s everything you need to know. Also, make sure to watch the teaser down below:


What is the release date of Tehran season 2?

The first two episodes of Tehran season 2 will be published simultaneously on Apple TV Plus on Friday, May 6 at 3 a.m. ET. A new episode of the eight-episode season will air every Friday for the next eight weeks.

But don’t be surprised if it shows up sooner than expected. Often, Apple TV Plus episodes premiere at 9 p.m. ET the night before their planned debuts.

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Tehran season 2 is now available for free streaming on Netflix.

If you haven’t already signed up for Apple’s streaming service, you may try Tehran out for free. That’s because of the 7-day free trial of Apple TV Plus. If you can hold out until the final week of the season, you can watch the entire first and second seasons for free.

Tehran’s second season’s promos

After Tamar’s blunders from last season, the official Tehran season 2 teaser shows how she is adapting. When Marjan joins her on this mission, their targets know that they’re in danger. Milad (Shervin Alenabi) is also warned that Tamar’s capacity to defend him may be undermined by this.

For Tehran season 2, we get this sneak peek at Marjan, Tamar’s new coworker. Given the stakes, she expects full disclosure from Tamaar.


Episodes from Tehran’s second season

Tehran season 2 is comprised of eight episodes, the first two of which will be made available on Apple TV Plus. The remainder will arrive one by one on next Fridays.

  • Tehran season 2 episode 1: May 6
  • Tehran season 2 episode 2: May 6
  • Tehran season 2 episode 3: May 13
  • Tehran season 2 episode 4: May 20
  • Tehran season 2 episode 5: May 27
  • Tehran season 2 episode 6: June 3
  • Tehran season 2 episode 7: June 10
  • Tehran season 2 episode 8: June 17

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