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Sweetgreen Menu Prices of 2022


Specializing on salads, Sweetgreen (formerly known as Sweetgreen) is an American quick-service restaurant brand. Nicolas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru, and Jonathan Neman launched the company in August 2007 only three months after graduating from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. In 2016, Sweetgreen’s corporate headquarters relocated from Washington, D.C., to the Los Angeles region.

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American restaurant Sweetgreen’s mission is to provide guests with a variety of healthier menu options while also creating a sense of belonging. They have had a significant impact on the health of their communities by supporting small and mid-sized farmers and increasing access to genuine, nutritious food.

Sweetgreen’s menu items are reasonably priced, and the cuisine is always made with care and attention to detail each and every day. In addition, the design of their kitchens is based on an open concept since they want their guests to be able to see how and where their cuisine is prepared.

Cranberry Maple Chicken$12.50
Chicken Curry Cauli$12.75
Sweet Balsamic Brussels$11.50
Curry Cauliflower$11.95
Autumn Caesar$11.75
Chicken + Brussels$12.50
Chicken Chimichurri$12.25
Hot Honey Chicken$12.25
Miso Chicken + Cauli Rice$11.95
Tofu Steak + Sweet Potatoes$12.25
Herby Fish + Rice$12.75
Shroomy Asada$11.25
Warm Bowls
Chicken Pesto Parm$11.25
Fish Taco$12.25
Harvest Bowl$10.75
Chicken Tostada$10.50
Crispy Rice Bowl$11.25
Pesto Protein Bowl$10.25
Kale Caesar$9.95
Buffalo Chicken Bowl$11.75
Guacamole Greens$10.75
Green Goddess Avocado Salad$10.25
Garden Cobb$10.95
Veggie Caesar$9.75
Spicy Pesto Sweet Potatoes$3.95
Cauli Rice + Beans$3.95
Whole Chicken Thigh$3.75
Rosemary Focaccia$1.95
Brussels Slaw$3.95
Curry Roasted Cauli$4.95
Green Team$29.00
Family Meal$39.00
Jasmine Green Iced Tea$2.50
Spindrift Grapefruit$3.00
Spindrift Lemon$3.00
Spindrift Raspberry Lime$3.00
Still Water$2.50
Sparkling Water$2.75
Hibiscus Clover Tea$3.50
Cranberry Ginger Fresca$2.50

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