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Support for Apple’s Studio Display has been added to Boot Camp


Boot Camp users running Windows on an Intel Mac may now upgrade the Boot Camp drivers to enable compatibility for Apple’s Studio Display.

Image: Apple

As new hardware becomes available, as well as for general compatibility and performance reasons, Apple will update Boot Camp. Apple has added support for the new Studio Display to Boot Camp in a software update that was released in March.

In the latest edition of Boot Camp, Reddit discovered two important new features. Adds compatibility with Studio Display, guaranteeing that Intel Mac users running Windows may continue utilise the display without any problems.


For eGPU users, the update also provides AMD graphics driver upgrades.

On Intel-based Macs, Boot Camp, Apple’s software for running Windows on Mac hardware, is available. With the most recent version of macOS, Apple Silicon Macs may run Windows in a virtual environment, allowing the Studio Display to be used by default.

While the Studio Display may be used on Windows computers, functions like Center Stage for the camera won’t be available.


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