Studio Display problem stops some owners from upgrading monitors


Some owners of the $1,599 Apple Studio Display are unable to update the monitor’s software and are being forced to send it in for repair.

image credits: apple insider

An uncommon feature of the Apple Studio Display is the fact that it runs on iOS, the operating system of Apple’s mobile operating system. There have been reports of problems updating the firmware on this device, as there have been with other Apple products.

A number of customers have posted on the Apple support site expressing their frustration at being unable to upgrade their software. In certain circumstances, the message is shown to the user “The upgrade to the Apple Studio Display firmware was unsuccessful. Please try again in one hour. Contact an authorised Apple service provider if the issue continues..”


There are reports from others that the firmware installation is attempted, but the “Preparing” step is completed only partially.

Users who contacted Apple support were advised to bring their monitor to their local Genius Bar in order to force the upgrade. They were told, however, that the patch would take between 24 and 48 hours to complete instead of the shorter timeframe they had hoped for.

It’s possible that a server-side fault may be to blame for the issue, as several Macrumors forum members have speculated. According to one customer, an Apple Store Genius Bar employee’s effort to upgrade a sample Studio Display also failed.


Apple has not yet commented on the matter, although a server-side issue could potentially be addressed without additional user involvement.

As fresh firmware may be used to fine-tune functionality, address faults, and add new aspects, the ability to upgrade the monitor is critical. If a software problem is responsible for the Studio Display’s poor camera quality, a repair may be available through a software update.


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