Starfield’s music might be its most compelling feature


Even Skyrim’s magnificent Dragonborn theme could not stand up to Starfield’s music.

(Image credit: Bethesda)

A strong music has been a hallmark of every game from Bethesda Game Studios, and it appears like Starfield will be no exception to the rule. Even Skyrim’s epic Dragonborn theme may be sung to.

The newest developer video for ‘Into the Starfield,’ titled “Starfield’s Inon Zur and Bethesda’s Mark Lampert discuss the impending sci-fi epic’s music in their podcast, “The Sound of Adventure. We now have even more cause for celebration.


“There are four dimensions to music in my opinion, and I always repeat that. It’s all about the feelings, you know? “said Zur without hesitation. “This can only be achieved by pondering the following questions: Where are you going? What drives you to succeed? Do you have a story to tell? What is it that has us so tense?” A “circular” composition, he said, was the goal of Starfield’s music, which is meant to depict an outward journey, followed by an inward return to Earth.

“There’s always a desire to return home; we want to accomplish our purpose; we want to finish our trip,” Zur said.

To reaffirm that Starfield is all about discovery, fresh artwork was shown in the film.

There are undertones of ’70s-style pulpy sci-fi, parts of Star Wars’ ‘lived in’ galaxy and clues towards more realistic cosmic travel in Starfield, even if we haven’t seen any actual game footage.


I’m especially enthused about the music topic since the soundtrack of Skyrim was one of my favourite parts of the game. In Skyrim’s soundtrack, emotions were elicited rather than music was played, from the forceful opening of the Dragonborn theme to the ambient tunes of Far Horizons and The Streets of Whiterun.

I’ll be overjoyed if Starfield can achieve even a fraction of this level of proficiency.

When it comes to sci-fi gaming soundtrack, Starfield will have fierce competition. As an example, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s soundtrack features music from the original game’s gloomy synth theme influenced by the 1980s to the massive Suicide Mission tune from Mass Effect 2.

Regardless, Starfield’s characteristic tone seems to be based on the concept of venturing into the unknown. There seems to be more to the game than merely exploring fascinating planets, as seen by earlier trailers, such as the introduction of robot friend Vasco.


Personally, I’d want to see five items added to the game. A 2022 game against the Elden Ring might be in the works if Starfield can hit some of them.

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