Starfield shows off its first companion Vasco in a new video


Bethesda has released a new behind-the-scenes film featuring Vasco, a robot that players will meet in Starfield.

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Even though the video on Bethesda Softworks’ YouTube account is barely a minute long, it contains fresh concept art and information on Vasco’s origins and how the robot will be useful to the player during their trip.

In an interview with Istvan Pely, the lead artist on Starfield, he describes Vasco as one of the team’s “favourite buddies.” The space exploration company has repaired Vasco to “meet the standards” of its mission, according to Pely, the Constellation expeditionary robot.


When it comes to Vasco’s suitability for interplanetary flight, Pely defines it as a “utilitarian, hefty industrial machine.” There’s no mention of a specific position for Vasco, although it appears that his primary function is “peaceful” because of how well-suited he is for “long overland treks” over tough terrain.

As a “reliable buddy” on whom the player can “rely,” Vasco appears to be the type of companion you keep around because they’re helpful rather than because they have a dazzling wit, at least on this quick first impression. No matter what, we can’t rule out the possibility of being emotionally invested in his old, damaged panels.

This year’s projected release date for Starfield is November 11, so we’re hoping to meet Vasco on November 11. As a platform exclusive, the game will be available on PC and Xbox Series X as well as on Xbox Game Pass.


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