Spotify’s Car Thing has the ability to do even more car things


This week, Spotify’s Car Thing is receiving some amazing updates – but the greatest ones are only available on the iPhone!

image credits: spotify

This new feature update from Spotify’s Car Thing could convince you to give it a try if you were on the fence about it before. In an effort to better compete with Apple’s CarPlay, Spotify has begun pushing out a slew of new features to its $89 Car Thing.

Car Thing will now allow iPhone users to answer (or ignore) phone calls while driving, which is the most significant new feature. If you don’t have Bluetooth or a screen to see who’s calling in your car, the Car Thing adds those features for a reasonable price to your vehicle.


The ability to play and control material that isn’t from Spotify will be one of the additional capabilities coming soon, however there are other ways to swiftly return to the streaming service. It’s a bummer that this function is only available on iOS, but Spotify promises that Android users will be able to utilise it in the future.

In addition, the Car Thing will make it easier for you to enjoy a song without having to stop and manually manage your queue. Car Thing may now add music and playlists to your queue via the touchscreen, control dial, or “Hey Spotify” voice commands. For a quick glance at what’s next in line, you may use the control dial to push and hold it down while speaking into the microphone.

Car Thing can take care of your play queue while you’re driving, so you can focus on the road. Car Thing will create a unique playlist for you based on the mood, genre, or activity that best describes the music you wish to listen to. Ask for something else if it doesn’t meet your expectations.


The car thing is a cost-effective method of enhancing your vehicle’s intelligence. Your phone does all the work, and the screen serves as a conduit between it and the sound system in your car.

The gadget may also be used as a controller, allowing you to control music and other features of Car Thing directly from the screen. You may utilise the touchscreen, analogue controllers, or even voice instructions to accomplish your goals.

To use Car Thing, you’ll need a Spotify Premium subscription, which you can only get if you live in the United States. In comparison to the $10 monthly fee for Spotify Premium, the Car Thing costs $89.99(opens in new tab).


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