Snap Pixy drone leaked — flying smartphone


A hand-held drone that can take off and land on command.

(Image credit: Snap)

Suppose Snap’s Spectacles were able to fly off your face, spin around, and capture a picture of you, before returning to your cranium. The new Snap Pixy, a little drone that launches from your hand, takes photographs and movies of you and your pals, and then returns to your hand, is based on this concept.

Later this year, Snap Pixy will be available for $230. The following is a comprehensive guide.


Availability and pricing of Snap Pixy

According to, preorders for the Snap Pixy may be placed now for delivery in June or July. It costs $229 to buy the Pixy with the bumpers, carrying strap, rechargeable battery and USB-C charging connection; the Pixy Flight Pack comes with two batteries and costs $249.

A look at Snap Pixy’s design and functionality

With a battery that can be removed, the Snap Pixy is a 3.6-ounce yellow quadcopter with a camera on one end. The drone includes a 12MP camera on the front and 16GB of internal storage.


According to The Verge, the battery lasts for 5-8 flights of 10 to 20 seconds each, and additional batteries cost $20 apiece. A dual battery charger costs $50.

When compared to other drones, the Pixy features nothing more than a dial on the top with six different flying patterns. Using this device is as simple as holding the drone up to your eye and letting it take flight; once it’s airborne, the drone follows your hand and lands in your palm.

Snap Pixy’s competitors and future prospects are examined in this section.

The Snap Pixy may have some appeal, despite the fact that its picture quality is likely to be far worse than that of the top drones on the market, such as DJI. There is a 12MP camera and 16GB of storage on Air Selfie’s Air Neo ($149) drone, but Snap’s Pixy looks virtually similar to it. Air Neo features a variety of autonomous flying modes as well. An app is also available for the Air Neo, giving it an edge over the Pixy in terms of functionality.


It’s possible that Snap will sell more than a couple of these micro drones because of the company’s high notoriety. Selfie drones from visitors are something we’re not sure we’re ready to cope with. A selfie stick, maybe, or something else? Watch this space for a comprehensive Snap Pixy evaluation.

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