Selling Sunset actor criticises Netflix’s No.1 ‘Fake storylines’


Beyond the confines of the screen, the conflict continues.

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Christine Quinn, a star of the Netflix series Selling Sunset, has slammed the program’s “false plots” after the fifth season of the show, which chronicles the lives of a group of real estate salespeople in Los Angeles.

Quinn tweeted, “30 minutes to the debut of #SellingSunset, enjoy the new season and all of its 5,000 false storylines!” only 34 minutes before the season 5 premiere. Quinn’s tweet isn’t clear, but Page Six has surmised that it refers to Emma Hernan’s claim that Quinn offered her a “$5000 dollar payment” to take one of her customers away from her.


During the eighth episode of the programme, Emma Hernan informs Mary Fitzgerald that an acquaintance of Christine called my client and offered $5,000 on her behalf to work with her instead of me. According to Mary, Jason Oppenheim, president of The Oppenheim Group should terminate Quinn because of the information she’s given him. Toward the end of Season 5, Mary and Jason summon Quinn to a meeting to address the allegations. Quinn’s absence from the series has fans wondering whether the “How to be a boss bitch” author still works at the brokerage house.

Is the show’s gripping drama real or is it staged? In a nutshell, yes. If you’re wondering how the cameras got into every one of those open house conflicts, Netflix refers to Scripted Sunset as a “docusoap.” Heather Rae El Moussa, another cast member, shot off Quinn’s assertions, telling Page Six, “They don’t encourage us to be anything. ” “We are who we are, and it’s evident on video,” he says.


Selling Sunset has a few hoaxes, but which ones can you point to?

Another tale that has been brought up is Emma Hernan claiming she was connected with Ben Affleck on the dating app Raya, even though we have no way of knowing the specifics of Chrishell’s connection with Jason or whether Quinn actually did provide bribes. “Right before” Affleck restarted his romance with Jennifer Lopez on Raya, an invite-only dating service for celebrities and influencers, Hernan tells Chrishell Stause in episode five of season five that Affleck matched with her on the app and invited her out for coffee. Bennifer might have been thwarted, says Stause.

In the meanwhile, though, a spokeswoman for Affleck has informed TODAY that the actor hasn’t been active on the app for years, stating, “Raya has verified that he has not been an active user for many years”

With his phone in camera mode and pretending to make a phone conversation on the screen, Jason Oppenheim’s face is plastered all over the media. Social media users have taken to tweeting, “my vibe today is Jason talking to his webcam pretending to contact a customer.” for the amusing mishap.


Selling Sunset’s Jason Oppenheim seems to be on the phone in a scene from the upcoming season. However, his camera app seems to be open. february 22 of this year

There’s a certain allure to fabricating details like dates, phone numbers, and plots in order to get away from reality, and Selling Sunset delivers on that promise in spades. If the programme were based on the realities of purchasing a home, would it be Netflix’s most popular show? Almost without a doubt, no. Season six is almost here.


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