Samsung The Frame 2022 hands on Look and the truth


Check out the new The Frame TV from Samsung and it looks like something you might see in an art gallery.

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The matte, anti-glare screen on Samsung’s The Frame TV 2022 is noticeably different when seen in person. As long as it’s showing art, I can almost forget it’s a television. To be honest, the result is rather fantastic.

The Frame, Samsung’s most popular (and useful) Lifestyle TV, has a new version that I checked out. Despite having a gallery-worthy design with interchangeable bezel frames and access to a huge variety of artworks, Samsung felt there was still space for development in its Frame phone. The new display is designed to minimise glare by making use of surface flaws that disperse light.


When compared to The Frame TV 2021, The Frame TV 2022 appears to be a whole new television — and one that is far superior in every respect. Yes, the previous Frame contains some anti-glare functionality for viewing downloaded art from a different perspective. In spite of the new, paper-like matte coating, this is the greatest TV for anyone who care about their home’s appearance since it conceals a TV with museum-caliber treasures.

The first time I saw The Frame TV 2022 in the Samsung showroom, I really thought it was a piece of décor. When confronted with a swarm of competing light sources, the previous Frame was clearly a television, even in art mode. While on the new Frame, there is plenty of depth in the regular TV picture, it transforms into a 2D canvas in what I can only characterise as an act of sheer wizardry when using the painting mode.

However, compared to the other Samsung 2022 TVs, The Frame represents a performance reduction. There will be no 8K or Neo QLED processing or the Samsung S95B OLED TV’s colour volume, since this is a conventional QLED 4K TV (or QD-OLED TV.) A great movie-watching experience isn’t why you’d buy The Frame. A similar statement may be made about the sound quality of the album.


Instead, you may look through the Samsung Art Store, which features thousands of museum-quality photos of artwork, while you’re not watching a movie or show. The Art Store constantly introduces fresh collections of well-known and up-and-coming artists’ work. My favourite Klimt paintings were now much simpler to find, thanks to an improved user experience (UX) implemented this year by the Art Store.

Prices and configurations for the Frame 2022

Depending on where you live, building a great collection should be less expensive than a trip to the Louvre, even if you have to pay a little additional money. With sizes ranging from little larger than Van Gogh’s Starry Night to somewhat smaller than certain Jackson Pollacks, Samsung’s Frame 2022 is already available for pre-order. You should be able to locate something that is the perfect fit for your room, in other words. The following is a list of all the options and prices:

Model NumberSizePrice
QN43LS03BAFXZA43 inches$999
QN50LS03BAFXZA50 inches$1,299
QN55LS03BAFXZA55 inches$1,499
QN65LS03BAFXZA65 inches$1,999
QN75LS03BAFXZA75 inches$2,999
QN85LS03BAFXZA85 inches$4,299

The Frame 2022 — should you buy it?

Even though I’m blown away by The Frame 2022, image quality is still more important to me than aesthetics when it comes to purchasing a television. Design is also one of my least important considerations when writing TV evaluations. Tom’s Guide TV ratings are more important to me than other factors. OLED and QLED TVs are expected to outperform The Frame in terms of quality.

This is not to mean, however, that the television is of inferior quality. HDR, 120Hz refresh rate, the most up-to-date smart features, four HDMI connections and even Dolby Atmos compatibility are all included in the Frame. There’s no doubting that The Frame is the greatest at what it does, especially with its intelligent design and improved anti-reflective coating.

A framed TV may be “hacked” to seem like a regular TV by adding mouldings to an ordinary TV. The Frame 2022 is a mounted piece of art that’s been cleverly disguised as a TV. So, if your TV has ever been an eyesore to you, this may be the right remedy.


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