Samsung silently launches lower price Galaxy S20 FE 2022


As if that wasn’t enough, the South Korean company has stealthily introduced the ‘Galaxy S20 FE 2022.’ In spite of the fact that the gadget appears to have been released on April Fool’s Day (for KT and LG Uplus, at least), this is not a hoax.

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE 5G (Snapdragon 865 CPU and all), other from the removal of the AKG headset from the retail package, is identical to the original model.

KRW 700,000 ($575/€525) is the ultimate price; nevertheless, the majority of purchasers are anticipated to receive a carrier-subsidized version of this device. SM-G781NK22 is the model number for the new model (or just SM-G781NK in some places). There are just three hues to choose from: Cloud White, Cloud Lavender, and Cloud Navy.


However, KT is giving away an AKG headset with the purchase of any Galaxy S20 FE 5G before the end of April, so this is really simply a ploy to get people to buy the older Galaxy S20 models at a discount.

Samsung has yet to make a formal announcement. Other nations have not seen this 2022 version either.


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