Samsung recently disclose how NFTs will work on its TVs


When you’re not binge-watching the newest movie, you can use NFTs as ambient art.

Image: Samsung

Samsung confirmed at the CES that their 2022 TVs would offer non-fungible token support as well (NFTs). Fortunately, we now have a better understanding of what it would look like in practise due to the NFT auction site Nifty Gateway.

Samsung has announced a cooperation with Nifty Gateway, an NFT auction platform, to introduce NFTs to its TVs. According to a news release from Nifty Gateway, users can now “browse, display, and engage” with NFTs on Samsung’s “2022 premium TV product lines, such as QLED and Neo QLED TV” using the company’s NFT platform. Samsung’s The Frame and Micro LED TVs will also be able to use Nifty Gateway.


A press statement from Nifty Gateway reveals that their platform has been “integrated with Samsung’s NFT platform” and will allow users to “browse and engage with NFTs” on Samsung’s premium 2022 TV products, including as QLED and Neo QLED.

According to Samsung, their televisions are more like frames for your digital art when they aren’t being used to watch movies or television. If you can get over the oddity of paying hundreds of dollars through a remote control, Decrypt says you’ll be able to purchase and sell artwork using the platform.

The integration of NFT sounds as good as it can be if you’re interested in the technology, but the Nifty Gateway limits what you may buy.


According to the business, Samsung TVs will automatically adjust their settings to reflect the “artist’s objective,” which means that your artwork will appear as excellent as possible. This digital painting may also be used as a screen saver while you’re taking a break from binge-watching the finest Netflix episodes.

Gimmick or long-term trend?”

If the business has secured a portion of any NFT transactions made through the sets, then Samsung stands to gain handsomely from this strategy. After all, artwork may sell for hundreds of dollars.

I’m not so sure about the rest of the world, but.. The consumer pushback against the introduction of NFTs, with gamers driving corporations to cancel their intentions to embrace the medium, is not difficult to observe.


The approach here is less jarring, but I’m afraid that will be the issue.. Ignoring it is an option, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the vast majority of people will take it up as a nonissue.

For a brief moment, 3D glasses were a common feature on nearly every television set. NFT-displaying televisions aren’t easy to come by now, and I expect that will be the case in a few years, as well.


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