Samsung phones face a major security vulnerability problem


Consistently update your mobile phone.

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Because Samsung manufactures some of the best smartphones, there is a larger likelihood of a significant number of people being affected by a security weakness when there is one.

Keep your Samsung phone or tablet up to date with the newest software. Earlier this week, Kryptowire reported that it had identified a severe security flaw in Samsung smartphones that might allow hackers to take virtual control of the device.


A fix for this problem was made available by Samsung on Feb, so it’s safe to use your Samsung phone until then.

Is there a list of Samsung phones affected?

Samsung phones running Android versions 9 through 12 were affected with the native Phone app were impacted. Untrusted programmes were able to take control of Android devices and other systems, giving them access to sensitive data without authorization.

What was the point of weakness in this system?

In the pre-installed Phone app, Kryptowire uncovered an unsecured component that allowed local programmes to conduct privileged activities without the user’s consent. Hackers may use the flaw to do things like wipe the phone’s memory, make phone calls, install and remove apps, and more.


It wasn’t repaired until after Samsung learned about it.

According to Kryptowire, Samsung discovered the CVE-2022-22292 flaw on November 27, 2021, and rated it as “High” severity. SMR (Security Maintenance Release) was implemented in February 2022 to address the issue.

Your Samsung phone’s software should always be updated.

Visit Settings, then Software update, and make sure your phone is up-to-date with the newest version of Android. The phone will check for an update once you download and install the app. Your device’s status will be shown.


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