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Samsung has announced the first new OLED TV


According to a Samsung press statement provided to TechRadar on March 18th, prices have been corrected. The new price for the 55-inch S95B is $2,199.99, while the 65-inch is now $2,999.99 (a savings of $500).

Image Credit: Samsung

OLED televisions have been around for about a decade, but Samsung has revealed its first new consumer model in nearly a decade. “far above what has been offered from OLED TVs to date,” according to the manufacturer.

S95B will have two screen sizes, 55 and 65 inches, with the same Neural Quantum Processor 4K found in Samsung’s premium QLED TVs like the QN95A and the QN90A, which were released last year.


Additionally, according to TechRadar, the S95B has “an OLED brightness booster and perceptual colour mapping to produce brighter, more accurate highlights and the most genuine, lifelike colours”. Those are words that LG has been using to market its future C2 OLED and G2 OLED models, so it must be the same.

On the S95B run Samsung’s new 2022 Tizen smart platform and its Object Tracking Sound and Q-Symphony audio technologies as well as Dolby Atmos.

Is this the Samsung QD-OLED we’ve been hearing so much about?

The 2022 Frame TV switches to a matte display.
 Image: Samsung

It was revealed at the CES 2022 trade show that Samsung Display’s QD-OLED panel is derived from LG Display, according to reports. We haven’t been able to verify such stories, but neither corporation has firmly refuted them.


It’s highly likely that these are the QD-OLED TVs from Samsung that we’ve been hearing so much about, given the promises that they’ll be brighter and have higher colour accuracy than previous OLED televisions.

However, some may see this as a reversal by the business, which for years has claimed that its QLED products were better than OLED.

On the other hand, Samsung says it wants to give consumers more options — an approach that enables Samsung to cling to its steadfast defence of QLED while extending out into the booming OLED TV market at the same time.


It’ll cost how much, then?

Customers in the United States may now place pre-orders for the Samsung S95B through the company’s official US website. QN65S95BAFXZA looks to be $3,499, while QN55S95BAFXZA is $2,399, according to current pricing.

Now, Samsung’s 65-inch model costs $2,999.99 instead of the originally advertised $2,199.99 ($200 discount). That’s a savings of $500 off the original list price.

There is no release date or even a release timeframe for any set.


Even in the US, the Samsung S95B is more costly than most of its rivals’ TVs. According to Amazon and Best Buy prices, the LG C1 OLED 55-inch model costs $1,245 while the 65-inch variant costs $999.

UK and AU price and release dates have not yet been announced, however based on current exchange rates you should expect to pay between £1,825 and £2,660 for the 55-inch and £2,660/AU$4,735 for the 65-inch models.

Samsung S95B’s performance against existing OLED TVs will have to wait till we can bring one in for evaluation.


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