Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 battery capacities disclosed mistakenly


Because to the folding design’s utilisation of two distinct cells, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4’s batteries were exposed in a recent Safety Korea certification. However, the information was somewhat limited; we were only able to view the battery itself, with no accompanying information.

image via 9to5google

However, GalaxyClub was able to unearth the necessary information, and there are two methods to see the results. It’s disappointing that the total battery capacity will stay almost same.. It’s also possible that the slimmer design and better camera technology are connected. Because Samsung didn’t lose battery capacity to accomplish them, it’s a positive thing.

The rated capacity of one cell is 2,002 mAh, while the rated capacity of the other cell is 2,268 mAh. There’s a 4,270 mAh overall capacity rating, which is the same as the current Galaxy Z Fold3’s rating. The Z Fold3 has a normal capacity of 4,400 mAh, which is a significant difference from the claimed capacity of 3,800 mAh.


However, fresh information reveals that there will be no reduction in battery capacity.

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