Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 tipped with larger cover screen


According to Ross Young of DSCC, Samsung’s next generation of foldables will have an even bigger cover display than its predecessors, the Z Flip3 and Galaxy Z Flip4

image via news24

The Flip4’s exterior panel is expected to measure in the 2-inch region, although we don’t obtain a specific figure value from the manufacturer.

With its 1.9-inch screen, the Galaxy Z Flip3’s cover display dwarfs that of the original Z Flip’s 1.1-inch display. Recently, reports have also suggested that the battery capacity would be increased from 3,300 mAh to 3,400 mAh, which would be an improvement over the current model’s 3,300 mAh cell. With a Snapdragon 8 Gen1+ processor at the helm, the Z Flip4 is anticipated to launch in 2022 and Samsung intends to sell a sizable number of folding phones.

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