Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro tipped to come with huge battery


The Galaxy Watch4 line from Samsung has some fantastic smartwatches, but there is one major drawback: poor battery life. We’ve previously heard a rumour that the Watch5 generation gadgets would feature bigger batteries from the Korean manufacturer.

image credits: slashgear

However, a fresh rumour today claims that Samsung would release a newer, top-tier Watch5 Pro later this year, which would sit above the Watch5 and Watch5 Classic in the company’s lineup.

The battery capacity of the Galaxy Watch5 Pro is expected to be a whopping 572 mAh. This is comparable to the 361 mAh battery capacity of the largest Galaxy Watch4/Classic variants. So the forthcoming watch would have an almost 60 percent larger battery capacity, which would presumably still provide the most intense users under two days of battery life. However, individuals who don’t switch on all the capabilities may be able to use the device for more than 48 hours, which is amazing.


Nevertheless, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, this is expected to be more expensive than the Galaxy Watch4 Classic 46mm, which was already expensive. The Watch5 Pro model number (SM-R925) does appear in a Korean certification, but that’s all we have for now; it’s just a rumour.

We know it’s a wearable because it has a model number that begins with an R, and that’s the only way to tell. Even the putative sources for this report have admitted that the Watch5 Pro isn’t 100% “confirmed” to be issued by Samsung – the company might yet abandon the project. This is something we can only hope for, as well as a greater selection of bands than what was available for the Watch4 devices.


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