Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 early rumors — Everything we know so far


Wishing that Samsung’s upcoming wristwatch will have some of these characteristics

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Galaxy Watch 5 is a potential game changer for Samsung. If Samsung adheres to its typical schedule, the Galaxy Watch 5 should debut later this year. There haven’t been many reports regarding what may be changed from the Galaxy Watch 4 series.

A non-invasive body composition sensor was included with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 last year, as was a basic sporty-looking model and a Classic version with a physical bezel. First smartwatch using Wear OS 3, a unified platform that combines popular Google applications with Samsung’s own.


In order to keep its position as the finest smartwatch for Android, how will the fifth-generation Galaxy Watch perform? Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 should innovate in the wearable industry to keep up with Google’s Pixel Watch, which is reported to be on the way. Additional ways to remain connected from your wrist, including additional fitness-tracking functions, a redesigned appearance, and more.

All we know about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, and what we’d want to see from Samsung in its next smartwatch, is here.

The release date of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is said to be somewhere in the second half

If Samsung keeps to its typical release timetable, the Galaxy Watch 5 might be available as early as August 2022, at the latest. While the Samsung Galaxy S22 series will be unveiled on February 9 at the Samsung Unpacked keynote (here’s how to watch Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022), the business is notorious for throwing a second huge event in the summer.


With the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, two of the greatest phones out now, and the official announcement of the Galaxy Watch 4, we witnessed the premiere in August 2021.

We could thus see Samsung release the Galaxy Watch 5 with the Z Fold 4 or another folding device. Pre-event leaks and teases from Samsung’s goods are rather common. To put it another way, we should expect to learn more about the Galaxy Watch 5’s debut date as the day draws near.

Prices for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 have been anticipated.

The pricing of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 may be the same as the price of the Galaxy Watch 4. Starting at $249.99, you can get the 40mm Bluetooth iteration of the Galaxy Watch 4, while the 40mm LTE model costs $299.99. The 42mm Bluetooth variant of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic costs $349.99, while the 42mm LTE model costs $399.99.


Because of this, we may see a wider range of prices for the Galaxy Watch 5. Could possibly bring back the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3’s $399 price point, which is similar to the cost of the iPhone 7.

Rumors about a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

According to a fresh report, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro may exist. If the 572 mAh battery found in the 44mm Galaxy Watch 4 is accurate, it’s the largest smartwatch battery we’ve heard of to date, and it’s not just a 60% boost over the 361 mAh battery in the bigger model.

This large battery has the potential to improve the alleged smartwatch’s durability as well as accommodate a wide range of functionality, such as blood glucose monitoring and other capabilities that might be game-changing for diabetics.


A look at what we’d like to see in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

If the next Galaxy Watch succeeds in becoming the year’s greatest smartwatch, it will mostly be determined by the features it has. We’d like to see some of them come to fruition.

It would be wonderful if the next Galaxy Watch had a longer battery life. Because of the constantly-on display and regular activity monitoring, the Galaxy Watch 4 only lasted about a day in our tests. In comparison, Fitbit’s Sense and Garmin’s Venu 2 Plus may last for up to six and nine days.

Also, we’d want a feature that’s currently available in the Galaxy Watch series to finally be approved by the FDA. Samsung has included blood pressure monitoring in its smartwatches for the last two generations, but the feature hasn’t been available to customers in the United States.


Users of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4’s sleep coaching capabilities may improve their sleep quality over time with a new software upgrade. As with the Oura Ring Generation 3, we’d like to see Samsung go a step further and include recuperation features that promote rest days. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 might possibly use Fitbit’s Daily Readiness Score as an inspiration.

If the Apple Watch Series 7 colours are any indication, we expect the Galaxy Watch 5 to offer more colour choices than just plain metallics. To be worn with a wide range of clothing, many people would choose a smartwatch with a neutral colour scheme. However, a vibrant colour like red, blue, green, or any other eye-catching hue would make the look of the Galaxy Watch 5 a little more fascinating.


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