Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra durability test may surprise you


Larger smartphones and tablets may not be as stiff as smaller ones, and they may bend if subjected to too much strain. A 14.6-inch display and a thickness of only 5.5mm might lead you to believe that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra isn’t as sturdy as you’d expect. To determine whether Samsung’s biggest tablet could withstand JerryRigEverything’s typical durability tests, he put it through its paces.

image via QXDA

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s 14.6-inch Super AMOLED display is constructed of glass and scratches at a Mohs hardness rating of six. A level 7 Mohs mineral pick scratched the screen of the Tab S8 Ultra, however the in-display fingerprint scanner still works. Close contact with a razor blade reveals that the sides and back are comprised of metal.

To make up for the bigger internal structure, Samsung threw in a plastic spacer to the larger S Pen stylus that comes with with the tablet to make it compatible with both the Galaxy Note series and the S22 Ultra. After the bend test, the Tab S8 Ultra bends a little but retains its stiffness without breaking.


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