Samsung Galaxy S23 tipped with a big surprise upgrade


UFS 4.0 storage might improve the performance of next-generation Galaxy phones.

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung’s next top phone, the Galaxy S23, or whatever it will be named, might benefit from quicker storage.

A quicker read/write speed, improved efficiency, and higher bandwidth are all features of Samsung’s newly unveiled Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 4.0.


UFS 4.0’s read and write speeds are both up to 4,200 MB/s and 2,800 MB/s, respectively, making it more than twice as fast as the previous generation of storage. If you’re using a 5G phone that processes a lot of data on the go, you’ll like the 23.2 Gbps per lane speed.

“Power efficiency has also been boosted,” Samsung said, indicating that future phones using UFS 4.0 would be able to take advantage of speedier storage without sacrificing battery life. In comparison to the previous generation, UFS 4.0’s sequential read performance will be 46% faster. This means that end users will benefit from longer battery life.

Apps with high data processing demands, such as visually intense games, will benefit from this in real time by loading significantly quicker. It’s also possible that smartphones may become noticeably quicker at processing large files and RAW photographs with a lot of data. As a result, the next flagship in the Galaxy S series or perhaps the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 might use UFS 4.0.


However, sources say that full manufacturing of UFS 4.0 won’t begin until the third quarter of this year, which means that Samsung’s next foldable phone may be released too late. It’s possible that the speedier storage will be available in time for Samsung’s Galaxy S23 debut, which is expected to take place in early 2023.

This suggests that the South Korean electronics giant is working on new VR and AR technology. Samsung also said that UFS 4.0 might be used in future automotive applications, AR, and VR.


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