Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a fantastic phone — although I like this phone


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a wonderful trip back in time, whilst the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a shaky attempt to look forwards.

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I was looking forwards to the ultimate announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which was expected to be the successor to the Galaxy Note phones, which were essentially wiped off with the Galaxy Note 20’s release.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is a great example of this, combining the best features the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with those of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, as well as making a few improvements. SAMSUNG has built one of the greatest Android phones, if not the best phone, on the market today with its newest flagship model. However, I’m disappointed.


In my mind, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was going to snatch me away from my iPhone 13 Pro, as I’m a natural Android phone devotee. However, this was avoided owing to the iPhone 13 Pro’s remarkable consistency.

As a result, I was expecting the Galaxy S22 Ultra to take the place of my otherwise outstanding but sometimes buggy Google Pixel 6 Pro as my go-to Android phone. The S22 Ultra’s flat, rectangular display makes it a terrific screen from which to gaze at anything, making it a favourite of mine.

Furthermore, the cameras’ zoom capabilities are among the best in the industry. While the S Pen is a great addition to what I’d imagined to be the near-ideal smartphone dish, it’s a disappointment.


However, an odd event occurred.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is one of the flagship phones that I often grab for since I write about and test smartphones (among other things) for a career.

There are a few flaws to this phone, including a bulky design and a cover display that is a bit too tight for normal usage. It also lacks an S-Pen and a lower-quality rear-facing camera system. This is the phone that I ended up using instead of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, something I had no idea would happen.


However, despite its limitations, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 has begun to alter my expectations for a large premium Android phone.

Since the Note phones have been so excellent at getting work done when you’re not near a laptop (as when I S Pen-ed my application letter to Tom’s Guide on the Galaxy Note 10 Plus), I expected the Galaxy S22 Ultra to be a serious competitor.

A foldable screen, on the other hand, gives 7.6 inches of diagonal screen area, which is far larger in usage than the figure suggests. Even the excellent 6.8-inch display on the Galaxy S22 Ultra pales in comparison.


The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a joy to use for everything from viewing movies and browsing images to surfing the web and reading digital books. Of However, folding it out is more of a hassle, and the additional weight and size it adds to my pocket is less than ideal. That is, however, a price I am willing to pay for the additional screen area.

There is room for improvement on the cover screen as well. Even so, it’s good for checking messages or sending a fast message; there’s an argument it is simpler to operate one-handed than the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

It’s not only the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s display that’s captivated me, but what it stands for. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and other top Android phones may not have the quickest processors or the finest cameras, but they still contain a lot of the latest and greatest technology. When it comes to the overall aesthetics, the folding mechanism is a standout, as well as the utilisation of an under-display camera.


Yes, both can be improved, as can the Galaxy Z Fold range as a whole. As a result, it has a significant impact on what people might anticipate from smartphones now and in the future. In addition, it’s the first foldable phone that I’ve seen that is polished enough for me to begin to believe that foldables are the future, rather than a niche for tech lovers with rich budgets.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra, on the other hand, comes off as more of a polished and nostalgic glance back at the recent past than it does as a genuine leap ahead.

As a result, I’m increasingly looking beyond some of the best Android phones and towards the foldable S22 Ultra. Finally, I can’t wait to see what Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 can do for the foldable phone market.


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