Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra face a major Camera issue


It’s possible that your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s camera performs differently than others’.

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Because of the chipset, your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may shoot better or poorer pictures and videos than other Galaxy S22 Ultras.

The camera performance of the US Galaxy S22 Ultra and the worldwide Galaxy S22 Ultra is somewhat different, according to DxOMark’s camera tests. Despite the fact that both phones finish with the same total score and rank on the scoreboard, it’s fascinating to see the differences between them in terms of photography, zoom, and video. You won’t find this kind of difference on any other phone.


When it comes to the three Galaxy S22-series devices, the US and Chinese versions employ Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPUs, whereas the foreign versions (which includes the UK) use Exynos 2200 chips. Despite the fact that these cameras employ identical hardware, their image processing capabilities are varied due to the usage of various ISPs. The two Galaxy S22 Plus devices we tested had somewhat different performance, as we observed.

DxOMarks’ total rating doesn’t give either phone a clear-cut winner. Exynos 2200-powered S22 Ultra, on the other hand, is superior in zoom tests, with greater clarity and less noise. Even in low-light situations, it’s a little better at capturing video, since its movies have less undesirable artefacts and a lot less noise. However, when it comes to normal photography, the Snapdragon version often fares better since it provides subjects in the frame with greater lighting and texture.

This is fascinating, but don’t use it as a justification to buy a Galaxy S22 model that isn’t available in your region. The increased expenditures of importing aren’t worth the difference in performance. So if you’re interested in any of the Galaxy S22 models we’ve featured in our top Samsung Galaxy S22 bargains, go ahead and buy one.


A one-of-a-kind issue

Even still, this is a strange problem that companies like Apple or Google would never experience. Users throughout the globe can enjoy a consistent experience across iPhones and Pixels thanks to the usage of the same processor in both devices. While we’ve known for a while that Samsung’s two-chip method has resulted in different performance between the United States-bound and foreign Galaxy S handsets, it now seems that this is also true of the cameras.

Since Samsung struck an agreement with Qualcomm some years ago, the company looks to be trapped with this divide in its flagship phone line. Until that changes, certain customers will have a better or worse experience with some parts of the phone, regardless of whether they live in the United States or another country. That’s unfair, considering that everyone pays the same (quite expensive) price for the pleasure of purchasing a Samsung flagship.

Even if you don’t care about the cameras on the Galaxy S22 or Ultra, you should consider them if you’re shopping for the greatest Android phones or the finest phones overall. Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra is the only phone with a built-in pen, but all three phones offer beautiful screens and good performance.


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