Samsung Galaxy Buds2 is now available in a sleek black finish


Wireless earbuds Galaxy Buds2 were released by Samsung in four colour options in August – Black (shown), White (shown), Olive Green (shown), and Lavender (shown). No all-black paint jobs have appeared since the original debut of the vehicle.

image via pocket-lint

Today marks the beginning of a new era in this regard. First markets for the Onyx Black colour job of the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 are South Korea and Germany.

Samsung’s website, as well as a few other Asian online and offline merchants, already sells the updated Buds2. The cost is $117/€111, which is the equivalent to KRW149,000. If you’d want to be alerted when the product launches, you may sign up for the company’s mailing list for €99 (a savings of €149), but there’s no word on when that will happen.


The Galaxy Buds2 were introduced by Samsung as an upgrade to the Buds+, and we’ve found that they’re excellent for listening to music and making phone conversations. Additionally, the Onyx Black model will come with 360 Audio, a software function that identifies where the sound is originating from and adjusts when the head is turned.

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