Ryan Tannehill: Not ‘my job’ to mentor rookie Titans QB Malik Willis


Against Cincinnati, the veteran guided Tennessee to the No. 1 seed but struggled.

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In the AFC Playoffs’ Divisional Round, the Bengals defeated the Titans 19-16.

Because of Ryan Tannehill’s three interceptions, Cincinnati won their first-ever playoff game on the road.


He described the wound as “deep” in his statement on Tuesday. As a result, “I slept very little,” he said. I couldn’t stop replaying the game in my mind whenever I closed my eyes. For weeks and weeks after the game, I hardly slept at all. A dingy, spooky area had me. As it turned out, it required some time and effort on my part. My life will be scarred for the rest of my days because of the trauma I suffered.

Like a wound on your arm,” says the narrator. It all begins with a cut. It leaves a scar after you’ve recovered from the injury. Even if it’s never gone, it’s always there to serve as a reminder. It gives me the energy to keep going. “It inspires me.”

A “dark place” was the first time in Tannehill’s life that he needed someone to bring him out of, he said. Prior to the defeat, he had been seeing a therapist, but it has been beneficial after a dismal season.


He answered, “I have kind of worked over it,” Tannehill. “Talking to others is a big part of therapy.” Time. For the reasons stated before. It was difficult. A lot of work went into it. If you ever find yourself in this circumstance, don’t do it. What a disappointment it was for me when I went out and played below the level I had set for myself after so much preparation and effort. It was excruciating. Many restless nights, a great deal of introspection, and many replays of the game in my thoughts. However, getting through it was a major undertaking. It wasn’t even a day. It wasn’t even a week at that point. It took weeks and weeks and weeks to get to the end of the ordeal. Sessions in the hundreds By now, I can look back and understand what happened and move on,” he says.

Both the Titans and Bengals are aiming to make a dent in an AFC that has seen a dramatic shift in fortunes. Tennessee visits Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati. The date and timing of the encounter are yet to be confirmed.

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